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Engine Blueprinting Fixtures & Tooling

 Click Here for an introduction to Engine Blueprinting using these BHJ Fixtures Go

Blok-Tru Square-Decking Blocks
General Description Go
Basic Kit Go
Pre-Assembled Cast Iron Stand Kit Go
Pre-Assembled V-Block Kit Go
Pre-Assembled RMC & Winona Kit Go
Adapters for Other Deck Angles Go
Blok-Tru Deck Height Micrometer Go
Deck Height Bore Extension Go

Bor-Tru Cylinder Bore Locations
Starter Kit Go
Cutter for Stepped Dowels Go
Oversize Stepped Dowels Go

Dowel-Tru Bellhousing Dowel Holes
Starter Kit & Replacement Dowels Go

Lifter-Tru Lifter Bores & Install Lifter Bushings
Starter Kit, Step-Up Kits & Accessories Go

Line Boring Mains & Cam Tunnels
Line Boring Fixture Go
Cam Tunnel Alignment Fixture Go

Fixture Support Parts Mount Fixtures To Your Parts
2" Precision Support Bars Go
Main Bearing Bore Adapter Rings Go
Rollover Lock Go
Fixed-Height Cast Iron Stands Go
V-Blocks Go
2" Support Bar Adapter Sleeves Go

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