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Rotating Assembly Tooling

Crankshaft Dual-Keyway Fixture
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BHJ Crankshaft Dual-Key Fixture

Part No: CKF-2 CKF, CKF1, CKF2

BHJ's Crankshaft Dual-Keyway Fixture provides a quick and accurate solution for adding crankshaft keyways, using a vertical mill or other conventional shop equipment.

A keyway in each "Crank Cube" bore registers on the available crankshaft key and aligns the Cube squarely on the crank snout centerline. Using a dial indicator or micrometer (not included) the set of three "Crank Cubes" enable indexing of crankshafts at 180 degrees from the existing key. On factory-style GM LS Series and Chrysler/Mopar 5.7 and 6.1 liter Hemi cranks, which have no harmonic damper keyway, the fixture aligns from the timing gear key.

The Kit accommodates Chevrolet big and small block, GM LS series V8, Ford big block, small block and Triton/Modular V8, as well as Chrysler big block, small block and Gen. III Hemi V8. It includes three anodized, billet aluminum cubes with a durable storage case and foam-fitted insert.

BHJ's Harmonic Damper Keyway Fixture and Crankshaft V-Blocks are recommended companions to this Kit.

* The "Crank Cubes" are manufactured of anodized aluminum, thus a mechanical edge finder (not electronic) should be used during setup.

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