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BHJ Product Instruction Sheet Downloads

Click the links below to view or download BHJ product instruction sheets. Instructions are being added on an ongoing basis, so please click here to contact us if you do not see the instructions you need. In most cases, we will upload requested instructions to this page within one business day of receipt of the request.

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Block Blueprinting
Blok-Tru Basic Kit BT1-B Go
Bor-Tru Kit BTK Go
Cam Tunnel Alignment Fixture CTA-1 Go
Deck Height Micrometer DHM-1 Go
Lifter-Tru Kit, Chevrolet Small Block LTK-CHS Go
Lifter-Tru Kit, Chevrolet Big Block LTK-CHB Go
Lifter-Tru Kit, Ford Windsor & SVO Small Block LTK-FOSVO Go
Lifter-Tru Kit, GM LS Series V8 LTK-GM-LS Go
Lifter-Tru Piloted Cutter Preparation & Use Go
Line Boring Fixture LBF-1 Go

Block & Head Tooling
Angle Milling Set-Up Blocks VT-5 Go
Cam Bearing Installer CBT-1 Go
Cylinder Head Fixture CHF-2 Go
Cylinder Head Straightening Plates HSP-4 & HSP-6 Go
Cummins B Series Diesel 14mm Head Bolt Drilling Fixture HBF-CMN-14 Go
Flycutter Head FCH-2 Go
Fuel Pump Pushrod Fixture for Chevrolet Small Block FPPR-CHS Go
Lifter Bore Hone LBH-1 Go
O-Ring Groove Cutter ORG-3 Go
ORG-3 Upgrade Installation Go
O-Ring Groove Cutter ORG-2, ORG-1 (discontinued) Go

Honing Plates (Torque Plates)
R Model Plate Go
Cylinder Head Plate Go
Counterbore Model Plate Go
Production Model Plate Go

Chassis Tooling
Differential Narrowing Kit DNK-1 Go

Rotating Assembly Tooling
Compound Angle Piston Vise PV-1B Go
Connecting Rod Fixture CRF-1B Go
Connecting Rod Fixture CRF-2 Go
Crankshaft Dual-Keyway Fixture CKF-2 Go
Crankshaft Stroke Gauge CS-1 Go

Measuring Instruments
Crankshaft Stroke Gauge CS-1 Go
Deck Height Caliper DHC-1 Go
Deck Height Micrometer DHM-1 Go
Ultrasonic Cylinder Wall Thickness Gauge CWG-1 (discontinued) Go
Ultrasonic Cylinder Wall Thickness Gauge CWG-2 (discontinued) Go

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