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Valvetrain Tooling

Valve Stem-Height Indicator
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BHJ Valve Stem-Height Indicator

Part Nos: VT-1, VT-1A VT, VT1, VT1A

The Valve Stem-Height Indicators have been developed to measure valve stem height when grinding valves and seats. It is important that valve stem height is controlled on all engines, and this dimension becomes critical on those engines that have no means of valve adjustment.

Actual dimensions have not been published by the automotive industry, therefore the only option open to the machinist is to be sure that valve stem height is the same when the heads leave the shop as when they came in. A list of common heads with their corresponding stem height is included with each instrument.

The precision indicator assembly is mounted on a transparent tube made from bulletproof polycarbonate tubing. This feature, when combined with the large diameter indicator foot increases the accuracy and speed with which the indicator can be positioned and read on each valve stem.

The VT-1 has a spring seat range of 1.025 I. D. and 1.200 O. D. It is supplied with a 2" calibration standard.

The VT-1A is a smaller unit made specifically for four-valve cylinder heads and has a spring seat range of .775 I. D. and .945 O. D. It is also supplied with a 2" calibration standard.

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