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Valvetrain Tooling

Timing Set Length Gauges
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BHJ Timing Set Gauge

BHJ Timing Set Gauge for Jesel Belt Drive
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Used by Cloyes, Jesel and other industry leaders, BHJ's Timing Set Length Gauge combines unmatched accuracy with simple set-up and ease of operation.

The gauge is adjusted to the desired center-to-center distance using a micrometer and the set-up pins or an optional set-up standard. The dial indicator (included with the gauge) is then zeroed at the desired length. Timing sets can then be dropped onto the appropriate mounting plugs. Activating the air switch applies exactly 100 pounds of tension to the chain, as specified by leading chain manufacturers. The timing set length is read as a plus or minus dimension from the desired length on the dial indicator.

This precision measuring fixture eliminates the need to special order custom length timing sets or waste time with tedious trial-and-error methods of obtaining proper timing chain fit.

The TSG-1 will accept timing sets with center distances ranging from 4.125" to 6.125" using the appropriate gear-mounting plugs.

The TSG-1-XL18 provides increased flexibility. It is designed for use with overhead cam applications, but will also accept traditional OHV timing sets with a center distance range of 4.125" to 18.125".

The Gauge includes a precision dial indicator, set-up pins, and one pair of mounting plugs for an application of your choice. Also available is a Timing Set Gauge made specifically for the Mopar R5 or the S. B. Chevrolet using the Jesel belt drive. Additional mounting plugs and optional set-up standards are available for all engines.

(NOTE: The TSG-1 and TSG-1-XL18 require 100 psi minimum air supply.)

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