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Rotating Assembly Tooling

Connecting Rod Fixtures
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BHJ Connecting Rod Fixture

BHJ Connecting Rod Fixture

BHJ Connecting Rod Fixture

Part Nos: CRF-1B, CRF-2 CRF, CRF1B, CRF2

The CRF-1B Connecting Rod Fixture provides a highly accurate way to bore the small ends of connecting rods for installation of bronze pin bushings. Using a common vertical-milling machine, this fixture will hold the rod securely while the small end is bored.

The CRF-1B provides a quick, repeatable and rigid method of holding the connecting rod during the pin boring operation. Its unique three-point pneumatic clamping mechanism at the journal end in conjunction with its two-sided mechanical clamp at the pin end ensures the pin bore is machined absolutely parallel to the journal bore.

Manufactured from heat-treated alloy steels, the CRF-1B is designed to accommodate automotive connecting rods with a center-to-center distance from 5.500" to 7.750".

For a wider variety of rod lengths, we also offer the CRF-2. A similar, yet larger design, (weighing over 90 lbs.), the adjustable CRF-2 will accommodate connecting rods with a center-to-center distance range from 3.00" to 14.00". Big-end I.D. range is 1.920"-4.750".

Available options and accessories for the CRF-1B & CRF-2:

Part No: CRF-STDB, Set-Up Standards
Application specific Set-Up Standards (top photo) enable accurate boring at the correct center-to-center distance.

Part No: CRF-IND, Dial Indicator & Bracket
(Top two photos) Allows the CRF-1B and CRF-2 to double as a rod-length gauge or give comparative measurements with a qualified rod.

Part No: CRF-ABH, Pin-End Boring Head
(Shown left) For accurate boring of the pin end of the rod we offer the highest quality, American made, precision adjustable boring head with carbide boring bar and 3/4" diameter straight drive shank.

(NOTE: Both the CRF-1B & CRF-2 require 100 psi minimum air supply.)

Contact us for tech and pricing.

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