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Measuring Instruments

Deck Height Caliper
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Part No: DHC-1 DHC, DHC1

* Please note, the DHC-1 is now sold with a digital read out caliper only — Photos will be updated soon.
** Anvils are also available separately, to be used with an existing caliper set — Please specify thickness of jaws on your caliper, when ordering anvils only.

Quick and accurate deck height checks are a snap with the DHC-1 Deck Height Caliper.

Heavy-duty, precision stainless steel anvils and high-quality 12-inch digital caliper add up to a simple, accurate and lightning-fast way to verify deck height, to within .0010", with the high level of repeatability you expect from BHJ.

No need to set-up a new block in the surfacer to get an accurate deck-height reading — Simply pick-up the main saddle and deck surface from either the front, or rear of the block with the heavy duty 12-inch caliper, or drop it into a cylinder bore.

BHJ Deck Height Caliper Features BHJ Deck Height Caliper Features
Wide Deck Anvil Tight Radius Anvil

The radius anvil at the far end centers quickly on any main saddle and the wide-face, flat deck anvil is easy to square-up on the deck surface. Thickness of the two anvils combine to 1.00", thus allowing measurements up to 11.0" to be made (simply calculate main housing radius to determine total deck height).

Initial customer reviews call the DHC-1 "Deadly Accurate", "Absolutely Spot-On" and "Great when I need to order pistons".

The BHJ DHC-1 Deck Height Caliper includes a certificate of calibration, instruction sheet and a foam-padded storage case.

Contact us for tech and pricing.

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