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Cylinder Head Tooling

Intake Angle Gauges
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BHJ Intake Angle Gauge

BHJ Intake Angle Gauges

Part Nos: IAG
IAG-1, 80 degree included angle for standard small block Chevrolet V8 23 degree heads & big block Mopar V8
IAG-2, 85 degree included angle for small block Chevrolet V8 using 18 degree heads
IAG-3, 90 degree included angle for big block Chevrolet V8, big block and small block Ford V8 and others with 90 degree angle between deck & intake runner
IAG-3-XL, 90 degree included angle with wide valley for big block Chevrolet (including W 348/409), Buick V8, Oldsmobile V8, Pontiac V8 and Ford big block, small block and FE V8
IAG-4, 87 degree included angle for small block Chrysler V8 (59 degree and 48 degree )

Incorrectly machined cylinder heads, blocks and intake manifolds or any combination thereof can cause intake leaks. Discover these potential problems before you machine or assemble with the Intake Angle Gauge.

These precision-machined gauges are made for checking the block and heads assembled together as well as the bottom side of the intake manifold for incorrect included angles. Simply set the gauge onto the intake runners of the heads installed on the block or against the intake runners on the bottom side of the intake manifold and check for an air-gap either visually or with a feeler gauge.

Manufactured from aluminum alloy and hard anodized for durability.

Click here to see the Intake Angle Gauge in-use at Street Muscle Magazine.

Click here for more on oil consumption issues at the intake mating surfaces, at Engine Labs.

Contact us for tech and pricing.

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