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Blueprinting Fixtures

Lifter-Tru Kit
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BHJ Lifter-Tru Blueprinting Fixture In Use

BHJ Lifter-Tru Blueprinting Fixture

Part Nos: LTK-XXX (various, per application) LT, LTK, LTSU

BHJ's Lifter-Tru Kit blueprinting fixture allows machinists to remachine the lifter bores and correct their position in an engine block front-to-rear and up-and-down, as well as to restore the correct lifter bore angle as referenced from the cam-crank centerline. In addition, blocks without finished lifter bosses may also be machined with new lifter bores, with the addition of optional cutters in the process.

The cylinder block is fixtured at the prescribed angle while a Piloted Cutter is precisely guided from both above and below the lifter bore. Typically this operation is performed in a vertical milling machine, but a valve seat and guide machine, or even a large drill press can be used. Minimum working height required from table to drive source for S.B. Chevrolet is 18.375". All other applications require 20.5" of clearance from the table to the collet. The machine used must have the ability to run between 40 and 60 RPM and a coolant mixture of water-soluble cutting oil, mixed with water and applied in either a flood or high-pressure spray mist is required.

Click here for a how-to tech article featuring BHJ's Lifter-Tru kit. The story, reproduced from Chevy High Performance magazine, outlines the process of installing lifter bushings in a Big Block Chevy to allow the use of Mopar-size lifters. (2.1MB PDF)

...And in Engine Builder magazine...

Kit contents include one pair of End Plates with Support Bracket, one Cam Tunnel Mandrel, one Upper Guide Plate, one Piloted Cutter, a pair of Angle Adapter Blocks (when necessary) and a Hardware Kit containing all of the necessary Positioning and Clamping Hardware for set-up.

Once an initial Lifter-Tru Kit has been purchased, a Lifter-Tru Step-Up Kit will provide the minimum number of parts necessary to machine a different family of engine without duplicating parts supplied in the initially-purchased Kit.

The Piloted Cutter supplied with the kit is available in .843", .875", or .906" diameter for enlarging existing lifter bores as well as 1" diameter for installation of lifter bore sleeves. The .843", .875" and .906" cutters are also used to rough-finish lifter bore sleeves prior to final honing with BHJ's Lifter Bore Hone, which is sold separately.

Additional Piloted Cutters may be purchased separately and include a variety of sizes and configurations, including .937" and 1.062" diameters, as well as Long-Pilot Cutters for blocks with tall lifter bosses (2.250" long pilot length, vs. 2.062" standard pilot).

Special Cutters are also available to add lifter bores to roughed-in blocks, which commonly do not have finished lifter bores. These three Cutters include a Piloted End Mill to spotface the top of the boss, a self-starting Center Drill and a Roughing Drill, which prepare the block for the final lifter-bore cutting process.

BHJ Lifter-Tru Blueprinting Fixture Closeup

Lifter Bore Sleeves are available in both SAE 660 bronze and A-48 cast iron in a variety ofsizes to suit Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler. All sizes are available in standard 1" O.D. as well as 1.062" O.D. Special sizes and configurations are available and can be quoted upon request.

Use of the Lifter-Tru Kit requires the 2" Precision Support Bar and Main Bearing Bore Adapter Rings for installation, which are sold separately.

Accessories available to compliment the Lifter-Tru include:
LT-BD, Standard Bushing Installers: This item may be purchased directly online at BHJ's
LT-KLBI, Keyway Bushing Installers: This item may be purchased directly online at BHJ's
LTOGD, Oil Galley Drills for cross-drilling Lifter Bore Sleeves after installation
LT-AP, Alignment Pilot for gauging clean up at the next larger lifter bore diameter before machining
LT-AF, Angle Adapter Feet for operating on the table of a fixed-head type machine
LT-AB, Special Angle Adapter Blocks for motors with raised cam tunnels
LT-CTMAS, Cam Tunnel Mandrel Adapter Sleeves mount Cam Tunnel Mandrel in blocks with oversize cam bearing bores
LBH-1, Lifer Bore Honing Kit for finish-honing the I.D. of lifter bores or Lifter Bore Sleeves: This item and service parts may be purchased directly online at BHJ's
LTSU-1.062, 1.062" Step-Up Kits allow installation of 1.062" Lifter Bore Sleeves for all applications

Contact us for tech and pricing.

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