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Blueprinting Fixtures

Dowel-Tru Kit
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BHJ Dowel-Tru Blueprinting Fixture

BHJ Dowel-Tru Blueprinting Fixture

Part Nos: DTK
DTK-CH, Chevrolet, Buick, Olds, Pontiac
DTK-FOB, B. B. Ford
DTK-FOS, S. B. Ford
DTK-MPB, B. B. Mopar
DTK-MPS, S. B. Mopar

Use of the Dowel-Tru requires the 2-Inch Precision Support Bar and Main Bearing Bore Adapter Rings which are purchased separately.

Most high-performance engine builders have experienced the time-consuming operation of "dialing in" bellhousings using troublesome offset dowels. Use of the Dowel-Tru will quickly and easily correct bellhousing dowel hole locations by placing them in the proper relationship to the crankshaft centerline.

The Dowel-Tru plate installs on the block using the 2-Inch Precision Support Bar and Main Bearing Bore Adapter Rings (sold separately). Once installed, it is adjusted into place using a pair of jackscrews and then bolted to the block. The dowel hole locations are remachined with a special size reamer from the kit, guided by drill bushings in the fixture plate. After machining, special stepped dowels are driven into place.

The Dowel-Tru is available to fit most popular GM, Ford and Mopar blocks and includes a manufacture specific plate, six stepped dowels and one special reamer.

Additional Stepped Dowels are available in six packs. We offer standard length and special extra long length for use with a motor plate.

Contact us for tech and pricing.

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