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Blueprinting Fixtures

Cam Tunnel Alignment Fixture
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BHJ Cam Tunnel Alignment Fixture

BHJ Cam Tunnel Alignment Fixture

BHJ Cam Tunnel Alignment Fixture

Part No: CTA-1 CTA, CTA1

Features: Reduces set-up time. Corrects improper factory geometry. Eliminates guesswork when align boring cam tunnels. Creates accuracy in your existing align boring machine.

Many shops have the necessary equipment to perform the cam tunnel align boring operation. In most cases, zeroing on the existing bores from side to side sets the alignment and correction is only made in the vertical plane. Machinists reportedly spend up to an entire day setting up the block in 'true" position and achieve only marginal results.

The Cam Tunnel Alignment Fixture solves these set-up difficulties while adding a level of accuracy not before available on a conventional align boring machine. Designed to work on all align boring machines, the CTA-1 will aid the machinist in accurately setting up to bore the cam tunnel in the three following critical planes: 1) parallel to the main bearing bores, 2) at the correct cam/ crank center-to-center distance, 3) on the correct vertical plane in relation to the mains correcting any skew or twist in the block.

The CTA-1 is initially supplied complete for one family of engine and contains one tie plate, one pair of end plates which are engine family specific, one dial indicator mandrel, one pair of alignment plugs specific to the machines boring bar, an adjusting yoke and a hardware kit. "Step-Up" kits can be purchased to upgrade to different families of engines and are supplied with one pair of end plates.

Use of the CTA-1 requires the 2" Precision Support Bar and Main Bearing Bore Adapter Rings which are available separately.

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