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Block Tooling

Oil Groove Cutter
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BHJ Oil Groove Cutter In Use
BHJ Oil Groove Cutter Closeup
BHJ Oil Groove Cutter Kit
BHJ Oil Groove Cutter, Chuck and Positioning Ring

Part Nos: OGC-1, OGC-2 OGC, OGC1, OGC2

BHJ's Oil Groove Cutters provide quick and accurate groove cutting in cam tunnels and main bearing saddles. As engine horsepower continues to climb, engine builders are finding it necessary to improve bearing oiling. The Oil Groove Cutter makes a seemingly impossible task fast and repeatable.

After the cylinder block is mounted in a line-honing machine, the Oil Groove Cutter is installed in the cam tunnel or mains. The drive yoke for the honing mandrel is then attached to the Oil Groove Cutter. All five grooves in a cam tunnel (OGC-1) or main saddles (OGC-2) can typically be enlarged in 30 to 40 minutes.

The modified groove will be deepened to full factory depth (or to specification) and widened to give a minimum 25% increase in cross-sectional area over a full-size factory-cut groove. This operation is typically necessary after line boring the cam tunnel.

The Oil Groove Cutter is available in a variety of sizes to meet different engine requirements. Setups are available for small block Chevrolets with stock cam bearings, oversize stock bearings, big block bearings, and various roller bearings, as well as numerous other applications. Different size cam tunnels can be accommodated simply by adding Cutter Step-Up Kits, which include only the necessary hardware to adapt a current Kit to a new size application.

The OGC-2 is a larger version of the Cutter that is used for cutting a partial or full groove in main bearing saddles and is suitable for all engines. The OGC-1 may be converted to an OGC-2, with the addition of the appropriate Chuck, Control Ring and Cutter.

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