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Block Tooling

Lifter Bore Hone
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BHJ Lifter Bore Hone Kit

BHJ Lifter Bore Hone In Use

Part Nos: LBH, LBH1
LBH-1, Lifter Bore Hone Starter Kit
LBH-RSS, Replacement Shoe Screw, LBH-1
LBH-SH-843, Replacement Shoe for LBH-1, .843 (Orange)
LBH-SH-875, Replacement Shoe for LBH-1, .875 (Red)
LBH-SH-906, Replacement Shoe for LBH-1, .906 (Green)
LBH-SH-937, Replacement Shoe for LBH-1, .937 (Yellow)
LBH-SH-1, Replacement Shoe for LBH-1, 1" (Pink)
LBH-SH-1032, Replacement Shoe for LBH-1, 1.032 (Black)
LBH-SH-1062, Replacement Shoe for LBH-1, 1.062 (Blue)
LBH-SH-1095, Replacement Shoe for LBH-1, 1.095 (Black/White)
LBH-SH-1125, Replacement Shoe for LBH-1, 1.125 (White)
LBH-STB-F, Replacement Honing Stone, Fine
LBH-STB-C, Replacement Honing Stone, Coarse
LBH-STI-F, Replacement Honing Stone, High-Nickel Cast Iron Only, Fine (Orange)
LBH-STI-C, Replacement Honing Stone, High-Nickel Cast Iron Only, Coarse (White)
LBH-STS, Replacement Stone Shim

This item and all service parts shown above may be purchased directly online at

BHJ's LBH-1 Lifter Bore Hone contains everything you need to make fast work of final sizing lifter bores. The rigid style hone utilizes a friction thimble and feed wedge for increasing diameter and is operated with a 1/2" drill motor. With a diameter range from .843" through .937" it will accommodate Chevrolet, Ford, Mopar and Jesel lifter bores.

The LBH-1 consists of one hone assembly, two honing stones (one coarse and one fine), one stone shim, four shoes (one each of .843, .875, .906 & .937) and is supplied in a foam padded, plastic case for storage. Additional shoe sizes available, including 1", 1.032, 1.062, 1.095, 1.125" and custom sizes by request.

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