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Block Tooling

Cummins 6B & 4B Oversize Dowel Hole Cutter & Dowels
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Cummins 6B and 4B Oversize Dowel Hole Cutter and Dowels

Cummins Oversize Dowel Hole Cutter
HBF-CMN-DOWEL Cummins Oversize Dowels

When up-sizing Cummins 6B & 4B diesel head bolts from the stock 12mm O.D. to 14mm, BHJ's Dowel Hole cutter and Oversize Dowels together provide a larger O.D. Dowel, thus ensuring adequate dowel wall thickness and strength.

Machining the block for 14mm boltholes and re-installing the stock O.D. dowels significantly reduces the dowel wall thickness, as the I.D. of the dowel is machined to accept the 14mm bolt. Up-sizing the dowels in this manner ensures adequate strength for severe duty applications.

The Cutter and Dowels are designed for use with the Cummins 6B & 4B 14mm Head Bolt Fixture.

Click here for the Cummins 14mm Head Bolt Fixture Go

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BHJ also manufactures Honing Plates (Torque Plates) and O-Ring Groove Cutters specifically tailored to Cummins, Ford, General Motors, International and many other Diesel applications. Virtually all BHJ Tooling and Fixtures can be used in one form or another for building high performance Diesel engines. Contact us for more information on BHJ Diesel applications.

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